Find a Rental Space in Southern California

iStock_000025716700_SmallLiving in Southern California offers a variety of interesting activities and amenities. In North Orange County, residents are close to the beautiful beaches, local tourist attractions and even fun theme parks that offer activities for the entire family. Although the area is beautiful, renting out an apartment or home requires an understanding of your goals and interests.

At Watkins Property Management we primarily manage properties for owners. When a vacancy occurs we advertise and screen for quality new tenants. At that point we are seeking a new tenant for a specific property. One thing our business plan is not designed to do is to go out searching on behalf of a prospective tenants who are looking to rent a house or an apartment.

We strongly suggest to prospective tenants that if one of our vacancies does not fit their needs, they locate the area where they want to live and then start contacting realtors in that area and ask this question, “Who do you have that does property management in this area?” Then explain what you are looking for and what price range.

Additionally there are a number of home rental websites that you can find but do not be disappointed if their information is out of date. Almost all of them extract their information from the Real Estate Board’s “Multiple Listing Website”. When a home on the MLS Website gets rented the other websites do not always take that information down in a timely manner.

Some good resources for searching for prospective rental homes are: